"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst" – Henri Cartier-Bresson

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By the light

Vivid, Sydney

Tall Ships and Sydney Harbour 



The Empty Seat




My last photo from around the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. It is an interesting place both inside and out and there are usually some good photo opportunities around. 

Line Up

the line

Street Photography, Sydney

The Moment



Quiet Time

Quiet time.jpg

The Work Day is Over

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Cote par cote

cote par cote

Cote par cote (side by side). The French and Australian flags fly side by side on top of the Sydney harbour bridge in the blue hour.


Je Suis Paris

je suis Paris

The French flag flies atop the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House is bathed in the Blue, white and red. Prey for Paris.

A New Day

Sydney, spring 2015

Symphony of Light



Opera House at Sunrise


I went out early the other day and managed to capture the rising sun behind the Sydney opera house.

The Craftsman’s Hands


City Walk

Street photography, Sydney


Street photography, Sydney

On Track

Street photography, Sydney

Body Count

Street photography, Sydney

Taking a break

Street photography, Sydney

A Rest Deserved


The Path Less Travelled

Street photography, Sydney

Taking Time